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Hello and welcome to the website of Amsterdam based photographer Liam Ricketts.

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Based in Amsterdam

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Born in a place called High Wycombe, Liam Ricketts is a portrait & lifestyle photographer who lived in London for a few years, but it was crap so moved to Amsterdam. Liam enjoys cycling, camping, and making nice playlists.

Thanks for looking, email Liam for projects, collaborations, using Liam as a tax write off for your companies marketing budget, making some nice piccies, a coffee, print sales, maybe even dinner if you’re an ok person.

1. Nike

Nike “Winner Stays” tournament, 2014
Emre Can & Leroy Sané, 2016

2. adidas

adidas Consortium ALIFE x Starcow, 2017
Mesut Özil at his house with adidas, 2017
adidas Goodbye Gravity, 2019
adidas 4D Alphaedge, 2019
adidas x Artemis (NASA) Space Race, 2020

3. Puma

Puma Womens World Cup, 2019

Italy: Cristiana Girelli, Daniela Sabatino, Laura Giuliani, Lisa Alborghetti, Sara Gama, Barbara Bonansea,
Martina Rosucci, Ilaria Mauro
England: Nikita Parris & Abbie McManus
France: Eugenie Le Sommer, Griedge Mbock Bathy, Sarah Bouhaddi
Germany: Carolin Simon & Dzenifer Marozsán
New Zealand: Ria Percival
Norway: Maren Mjelde

4. New Balance

New Balance 247, 2017
New Balance Russia World Cup, 2018
New Balance Jürgen Klopp “The Anthem”, 2018
New Balance 565, 2020